Royal Blue Tek Air 200d - TPU

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Tek Air 200

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231.5 g/m^2


.26 mm

TEK AIR 200 TPU is a 200 denier low shear nylon fabric that is weldable. It is soft, air holding fabric that is stain resistant and fluid proof. It is used in a variety of applications.

Technical Specifications:

Test ItemTest UnitTest ResultTest Method
Tensile Strength (Grab)kg/in

Warp: 80.48

Weft: 66.80

FS191a Method 5100; ASTM-D751 A
Elongation (at break)%

Warp: 45.66

Weft: 37.88

FS191a Method 5100; ASTM-D751 A
Tear Strength (Pendulum Tear)kg

Warp: 1.6

Weft: 1.9

FS191a Method 5132; ASTM-D751 A
Tear Strength (Tongue Tear)kg

Warp: 3.26

Weft: 2.64

FS191a Method 5134; ASTM-D751 B

Warp: 21.51

Weft: 18.09

Peeling strength test in wet condition after 65°C washing over 2hrs
Seam Strength 1/8" RF breakawaykg/in

Warp: 27.02

Weft: 25.69

FS191a Method 5970
Adhesion of coating (1" Peel RF Weld)kg/inUnable to intiate a peelASTM-D751
Blockinggrade1FS191a Method 5872
Bursting Strengthpsi325ASTM-D751